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Floor Area:


Port of Spain


120,000 sqft

2001 - 2004

Project Type:

Services provided:

Interior Architecture


G+P enjoyed an extended business relationship with BP for well over 10 years. In 1998 the then BP Amoco relocated their head office to the newly completed Queens Park Plaza. 

G+P were the interior architects for an interior fit-out scope comprising 86,000 sqft of floor space for 200 staff. The typical team module consisted of a cul de sac with 6 private offices around a dedicated meeting space.

Between 2001 and 2004 the newly restructured company , BP Trinidad and Tobago undertook a major expansion of their head office in two phases with a total floor area of 120,00 sq ft.

In keeping with the office design trends at the time, the previous work environment was transformed into a mainly open plan environment with support facilities for collaboration, work privacy and relaxation. 

Ancillary spaces on each floor were designed to serve as recreational and informal meeting/work spaces with bespoke fabricated elements in varying themes inspired by local culture.

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