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project data



Floor Area: 


Diego Martin

The Ministry of Communications

25,252 sqft


Project Type:
Civic Building

Services provided:

Architecture and Interior Design under Design-Build Contract

This design undertaking was part of a design – build  proposal for  the Urban Development Company  of Trinidad and Tobago (UDeCOTT).
The design  directive from the developer was for the promotion of a neighbourhood library  to also serve as a community  building with amenities for meeting and socializing.
While the basic design  objectives were considered  in form of a   3 story  building the design of the   main entry façade, facing  west was a primary  focus.  The façade treatment  included a passive design  feature of a sunscreen  as solar protection from the harsh afternoon sun. The protective  element consisted of metal panels, floated off the main wall with a   perforated pattern which illustrated  the spreading  branches of the majestic  samaan tree, symbolic  for  its  shading qualities as well as for the  fact that  the site was located deep in the  Diego  Martin Valley  where the  samaan tree  once dominated the natural landscape.
Our proposal was not successful.

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