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Client:                      Superpharm

Project Type:

Services provided:

Interior Design
Contract Administration

As architectural consultants for Superpharm Limited, G+P produced the  prototype  design for the first branch which was constructed in Westmoorings in 2004. Since then 9 additional branches have been constructed  throughout Trinidad.
The iconic red tower entrance, lofty interior retail interior and palette of materials have contributed to the recognition  of the Superpharm  brand in the local commercial architectural landscape.
Further, with respect to the interior fit out, G+P have collaborated with Superpharm’s  retail branding consultant, CBX from the USA to develop and implement  a  branded kit of parts  in keeping with current  retail trends. This design package is refreshed on a regular basis  with  planned  image enhancement upgrades.
This client /architect relationship  has been a  very  collaborative endeavor with mutual satisfaction spanning over 19 years. There is continued expectation for the  introduction  of branches  in accordance  with the Client’s  defined development programme.

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